I could name hundreds of reasons to read this book. I read it myself so many times and never tire of it, which honestly never happened to me with anything I ever read in my life. Of course I read it dozens of times just to review it but each time I learn something new and could share my discoveries with future readers. This is part of the joys of dealing with my own private teacher whispering in my head!

This book is profoundly inspiring and hopeful (at least to me it is). I know a large part of what I am sharing with you will be received with skepticism, if not cynicism. Give yourself a chance and read this book as many times it takes to undo some of the limiting beliefs that have deprived all of us from what we should have known all along.

The number one reason to read this book is probably because it explains what is the true nature of love and I bet that this topic alone will touch you to the core! It rehabilitates self-love as our most powerful tool to navigate our world as Humans. I never realized how much we have been denied the privilege of loving ourselves simply by teaching us how to be humble and how we should fear egotism and selfishness to the point we wouldn't look within for answers to our life numerous dilemmas.

Even if I know you are going to laugh at me, I'm still going to say that everybody should read this book. Not because I want you to buy it. Awakening to my true nature of Spirit is the reason why I'm here so that I could support others to do the same thing. I thought I was just a Human Being who had no clue why I was born. And I know you are in the same position, doing what you can to make the best out of this life. Now I know what everyone of us should have known from the moment we are born as Humans. But there was no one to tell us! 

Who should read this book?

Anyone looking at what goes on with our planet thinking that we are doomed. An amazing future is being prepared for us and we are supposed to take part in the creation of this future!

Anyone who is very attached to their religion: your Soul has other plans for you and so does God who wants you to follow your Soul's guidance before anyone else's. And anyone who believes in God or in something bigger than us.

Anyone looking for their purpose in life or looking for inspiration to choose a career or give a new direction to their life.

You don't remember why you decided to incarnate on Earth - let me help you remember!

You are old or sick and think that this is it for you and your time is up. Well make sure you read this as it will help you be at peace with your transition, and who knows, maybe you are not ready to transition at all and only need to understand why you are here!

You entertain thoughts of suicide or feel depressed for any reason. You will find the inspiration to take a new turn in life.

You are dealing with low self-esteem and believe that everyone is better than you are. Know that you were born to fulfil your own needs and to learn to respect yourself as we are all equals and deserve the same respect as that given to God! 

Anyone who firmly believes we need to take charge of our lives and do something to change our world.

Anyone who doesn't believe that their is anything else out there, spirit or otherwise. Even those who think there might be life on other planets. 

If you don't feel compelled to read it, read it anyway as you are up for at least a few surprises. Better you find out now than to be the last one to know.