Thanks to an unusual education provided by Source, Andrée offers a new perspective on what we are and why we incarnate on Earth life after life. Source is Andrée's Soul, her teacher and main source of inspiration

After years of reflecting about everything going on in her life, Andrée noticed that the journaling notes she had been taking for years following these inner conversations were increasingly looking like dictated text instead of the transcription of her thoughts. When she finally popped the question, the voice in her head she believed were just thoughts simply answered she could call it Source. Conversations then took a different turn as she was gradually learning about what Humans are and why they are here, most of which she did not understand at first, until she realized she was being provided with a completely new understanding of the meaning of life on Earth. This education continued for a few years, until she stumbled upon very peculiar information, only to be told by Source it was time for her to know what was really happening in the world to be able to tell others about the future of Humanity from a spirit perspective at a time when we are all wondering what is happening to our society.