"Spirituality is innate and not acquired, meaning that we remain Spirits when we are born as Humans and the bodies we are looking at are the extraordinary and very complex vehicles we are using to experience physical life on this planet in order to evolve and move on to higher spiritual realms."

"We come here to explore, learn and share our existences with one another and we have been coming for several thousands of years with the same purpose. At no point the purpose of incarnating on Earth has been to compete against one another or to struggle for survival."

"Our Spirits are continuously guiding us to navigate through what shows up on our paths, constantly talking to us. All we need is to learn to quiet our minds and listen to that other voice. Trust your Soul who’s mission is to guide you to find what you need to awaken and learn from your human experience."

"To this day, religious education has mostly created a deep sense of fear and separation from God instead of the intended sense of profound love and respect for each other knowing that we are all spiritual siblings. Our respect for religion in general makes it difficult to question the validity or merit of religious teachings, even as we rapidly progress toward a new way of life on Earth and realize that a large portion of these teachings are minimally causing spiritual stagnation, while some are clearly intended to encourage violence to promote or protect our faiths. Not all texts identified as sacred are actual teachings received from the Spirit World through various mediums."

"To consider that Spirits could have an impact on what we have come to understand scientifically is beyond what we have learned to accept as valid scientific evidence. This shows how little we know about the exact nature of this Universe!"

"As you read this, the future of Humanity is being played out and we all deserve to be properly informed of what is going on to prepare for what is coming."

"It really doesn’t matter if you wish to call this period of great change the Shift, the coming of a New Earth, the Aquarius Age or an evolution toward Global Oneness so long as you understand that Earth is making her way toward a new kind of life where memories of pain and struggle will be left behind and we will all learn to live peacefully together."

"Because our society is built around beliefs we adopt as our own as we grow up, we are fundamentally not open to welcome what is not in line with what we strongly believe to be true, not realizing that what we call truth is only true because we collectively believe it is. Whatever they are, limiting beliefs reduce our potential to expand our mental capacity to welcome knowledge that defies our imagination. Since our imagination is delimited by our beliefs, “to think outside the box” means to imagine how life could be if our beliefs were non-existent, or if the only beliefs we had served to expand our minds, like trusting or knowing that anything is possible, or taking for granted that we barely know anything. With each new discovery, we are invited to leave behind reductive beliefs and concepts that no longer make sense. But even if this makes perfect sense, it is unfortunately not what we do as a society. Despite the amazing advancement of science and technology, we resist or tend to reject new findings if they contradict our current beliefs."

"Our society has been rejecting advanced non-polluting technologies for decades because we believe—or are told—that such technologies would not be economically viable. The reality is that we are unwilling to pay the cost—or rather to lose great monetary gains—if we were to adopt cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels. The only way Humanity can however evolve, or even survive, is if we abandon old beliefs in favour of progress that can benefit everyone while ensuring life is preserved and protected on our planet."