The way we feel feeds the world we live in

Occasionally, my Soul gives me messages I can share with everybody exactly as they come out. What follows is an excellent example:

“Dear Humans,

Read this message carefully for this is an important message from your Source.

Many of you have noticed how your world has become a world of extremes where that which you call good is increasingly becoming impressively good, and that which you call bad is increasingly becoming bad. Like some of you know, this time is a time of intensification for everything.

What you may not yet realize is that you have now reached a time of leveling out those extreme differences. Extremes serve to trigger reactions in everyone of you. They serve to awaken a part of you few are familiar with. And as more are awakening, more are inspired to take action based on how what happens in this world makes them react. And those actions increasingly tend to be in line with that which you call good. These good actions tend to serve you as individuals, families and communities as you progressively understand that you are here to learn to find your own sources of happiness. You are reaching a time when you are intuitively tempted to care for yourselves rather than fight what doesn’t work. And as more of you take this road, less of you remain to feed the negative aspects of your world.

You might not yet realize that the way you feel feeds the world you live in. And as more of you are turning to what makes them feel happier simply because they can’t stand to be in the presence of what makes them feel unhappy anymore, your world is becoming a better world.

Dear ones, you are so loved! If you could stop thinking for just a moment and open your heart to allow this love to flourish within you, you would remember that you chose to be here at this time to help this world transform into a world where all of Humanity could live harmoniously.

Begin each of your days by sitting down for just a moment, listening to your heart instead of your mind. Eventually, you will only hear your heart and your mind will return to serving you the way it was conceived to serve Humans: to accomplish what your heart desires, therefore what your Soul desires.


P.S. If this has not yet come to your awareness, Source is the name we call your Soul. Your human envelope is only the physical appearance your Soul took to experience life on planet Earth. In truth, your Soul is your true nature and your closest connection to that which you call God, or Allah, or Yahweh, or any other names of similar significance. Since your Soul is what you really are, this means that the love, respect and reverence you offer to God should also be offered to your Souls. Therefore to yourself and to those around you. You are powerful Beings who can evolve through all the challenges you encounter. All signs of discomfort are your cues that more love is needed to tackle the situation at hand. Allow your Soul to guide you and follow your heart.”