The true nature of love

In our spirit form, we know that love is infinite and at the basis of our existence, and that loving energy is what makes us all bond with each other. Love is the energy we can use to create a harmonious world and unite together as one vast family.

Human's source of greatest potential and one of our most paradoxical objects of fear is love. If we knew what love really is, we wouldn’t spend so much time trying to weigh it, measure it, prove it or describe it.

Love, best described as loving energy, is such a powerful energy that it can offset negativity and counterbalance fear. Only love can help us heal our wounds and move beyond accumulated layers of suffering.

Since love is an energy and loving a state of being, we need to learn to be loving rather than to love. When we are loving, our hearts are filled with love as a form of energy and we behave with love and compassion for everyone, including ourselves. The more love we have for ourselves and others, the more we are uplifted and strong.

While other people’s love may be useful to awaken and boost our sparks of Light, it does not and cannot fill our hearts because we can only fill our hearts with our own loving energy. And until such a time as when our hearts are filled with loving energy, we literally remain impermeable to other people’s love.

Love comes from within, from our Light. It is a balancing and healing energy we need to welcome and nurture, and we need to let it grow within as we prepare to create a new world for ourselves.

Pure love—or loving energy—is the most potent form of energy available to Humans as it is the creative force our Spirits want to experience as Humans to create the world they want to live in. This is what we are here to discover to create the life we want to have.

Love of self is the strongest and most profound love we can ever experience as Humans, but also the most difficult to achieve. How we feel about ourselves always blurs how we feel about others, and loving or caring for others is almost always confused with other feelings, like the aspiration to be loved, accepted, respected, consoled or protected.

As we continue to grow love for ourselves, we are learning to welcome others into our lives as they are and to have compassion for them regardless of who they are, what they may have done, or however we used to feel about them.

We are incessantly and tirelessly emanating an energetic echo onto the world, and the more our emotions are powerful, the more impactful this echo will be. While anger and hatred are energetically destructive, love and compassion are energetically healing. So the more we cultivate love and compassion in our hearts, the more our energetic echo is helping to heal this world.