How can focusing on our individual happiness positively impact our society?

As we are focused on what makes us happiest, we smile, we laugh, we are generous, we are patient, we are respectful, we are compassionate and allow others to be as they want or need to be. Our vibrations are positive and just like a smile attracts smiles and laughter attracts laughter, our energy is contagious and influences those who cross paths with us.

It is no secret that we are impacted by the mood of those we encounter in the course of a day. We don’t even need to think about it to stay away from grumpy, aggressive or sad individuals, or to hang out with happy, friendly and smiling people. An easy analogy would be to think of others as if they were magnets with positive energy that attracts you or negative energy that repels you.

Not only are we magnets attracting more of what we are, we are also contagious.

The happiest we are, the less affected we are by those who aren’t so happy. Quite the contrary, we find ourselves feeling compassionate and wishing to uplift or help those who aren’t as happy as we are. We naturally favorably impact those around us when we are happy because we want to share what we have.

Imagine that your mood, or repelling or attractive energy, shows up as light. The happiest or joyful you are, the brighter your light is, and the grumpiest you are, the dimmer and distorted your light is, both contagiously impacting the world around you either with positive or with negative energy.

We have the ability to choose how we want to impact and even transform the world around us. As the number of individuals shining their positive light onto this world increases, the better our world becomes. The opposite is also true, so it is up to each one of us to choose how we want to impact our world.

There is absolutely no need to be pissed off or forceful to change our society. When we are truly happy, we are not only kind-hearted, we are also helpful, insightful, inventive, creative, joyful and playful, transforming our portion of the world without even thinking about it.

Cultivate happiness and share your light. The more people are doing this, the more light is contagiously brightening up this world!