Ancient wisdom and knowledge

I just read an article this morning, and like each time I encounter messages from others that offer similar information as what I myself relay, simply using different words, I get chills. I see this as a validation and reminder that what I learned needs to be shared right now, since our world is ready for this shift!

Aboriginals, ancient tribes and natives from around the world were trained to stay connected to their Spirits and to the Spirit World. They also knew they were coming for a specific purpose. If they were meant to learn how to use plants to treat ailments, they wouldn't become a hunter or a mother. They would instead follow their original plan as this is how they would be most valuable to their communities. Not only have we lost this wisdom over time, natives from around the world were crushed or forced to abandon their beliefs and practices because we naively thought that our beliefs were better than what we perceived as primitive. Thankfully, not all of them were forced to relinquish their ancient teachings and many people from all walks of life have been soliciting them to learn their traditional practices. We are now eager to discover ancient traditions like connecting with Spirits or healing and treating illnesses with plants or energy.

Our modern society was built on the the belief that anything new was better than what was perceived as old and barbaric instead of building our civilization on ancient wisdom and knowledge. As a result, we have lost so much that we are now basically searching the planet for the bits and pieces we can find of these ancient teachings. We have also reached a point in human history where we are gradually opening ourselves up to our own inner wisdom. Each one of us has the potential to recover some of those lost pieces of knowledge since a part of us never forgot what they were.

A large portion of this wisdom has to do with preserving our world and living spiritually, which means living harmoniously with all of nature and everyone else. So many people on this planet sadly believe that living spiritually means that we are practicing the rituals our adopted religions have taught us, it is time for us to relearn the true meaning of being spiritual!

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