How to build our future while living in the present moment

We are now more familiar with the necessity to live in the present moment rather than losing ourselves or wasting our energy in cultivating thoughts about the future or the past. How can we then make sure we are building a better world for ourselves and our children?

As we imagine the future we want to see on this planet, we are building it. We don't hope for a better future. We don't think about what our world will eventually become. And we don't hate or fight what we dislike about the presentWe build a better world by living our lives as if we were already living the future we want for ourselves and this world, by being and doing right now what we want to see in the world.

This is not as difficult as we might think. We don’t have to pretend that the rest of the world doesn’t exist. We only have to trust that our world is already transforming and behave accordingly. All we need is to understand that the world we imagine is already here, waiting for us to open our hearts to it. We only have to be and act like the spiritual Beings that we are.

The so-called reality we are told to believe in only feels real because we believe it is. We can feel the same way when we believe that our world is transforming into a better world, a nicer and more beautiful world instead of believing what so many newspapers and news presenters are persistently trying to make us believe: that catastrophes, terrorist attacks or epidemics are imminent, or that the bad economy is about to take away our homes.

Wherever we choose to put our attention on becomes the reality we believe in. It becomes the reality we experience since our reality energetically aligns with what we believe and what we focus on. So if we choose to only consider bad news, and even distorted or exaggerated news, this is how we see the world and how reality shows up for us. What we focus on necessarily becomes the filter through which we perceive the world. When we choose to focus our attention on what has already transformed around us and on what goes well in the world, we notice what is in line with how we feel, so with the energy we are feeding.

There are terrible things happening in the world every day, and there are also wonderful things happening every day. It is not by feeding ourselves with terrible news day in and day out and by feeling overwhelmed, appalled and powerless that we can make this planet a better place. It is by feeding ourselves with love and compassion while answering our individual calls to transform our society. We may be called forth to care for children, more needy neighbours or a sick parent, or we may be inspired to create art and beauty in any form or shape, care for animals and nature, or propose new ways of doing about everything we can think of. It is however impossible to hear this call for action when we feed ourselves with fear, frustration or pessimistic thoughts.

What we do to help this world doesn’t really matter since we each have a part to play in transforming the society we live in. Overall, our world is benefitting the most from the energy we exude while answering our respective calls.

In effect, when we spend most of our time believing this world is just a terrible mess and there’s nothing we can do about it, the energy we produce is only feeding this belief and doesn’t provide much to make our world a better place. We continue to feed our own misery while spreading negative energy around us.

Is this really what we want to leave as a legacy? Obviously not. And this isn't what our Souls planned for us either.

Our Spirits chose to be here at this time to participate in the transformation of life on Earth for the human civilization. And whether you believe this or not doesn't even matter. You can choose to find happiness while you are here and this alone will support you and those around you while you are of this world without having to make it your mission to make this world a better place.

We are all Spirits who chose to incarnate on Earth and we simply don’t remember why we chose to be here. Our thirst for love and happiness is however undeniable so might as well include this in our reality instead of focusing our attention on what is not in line with what we want for ourselves and for those we love.